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Church Media Planting

We are CJP MEDIA, a modern management outfit that applies professionalism in web development , opening and managing of church media platforms.
 We are a people oriented company whose sole aim is to provide efficient and affordable online presence for your church

The 21 century is a century of information, globalization and strong convergence. That being the case, no church outfit can prosper effectively without a strong online presence. This is why we strive to provide opportunities for your ministry to have strong web visibility on the internet. This strong visibility will give you the opportunity to take the message of Jesus Christ to the outermost part of the earth which was initially hindered by distance. This is what the online church media is about. 

Our one time church Media Planting includes


  A social media market

This allows your church to have strong access to the powerful  platforms of the social media. Under this feature, we will create and manage Facebook, Instagram, youtube, linkdin and Twitter accounts for your church


    Church Web design

we will also design your website for professional use. Every church or organization deserves a professional website that would serve as a compendium of all that church is about. We intend to give your church this privilege if you accept this proposal.

CJP church media Planting

    Church internet TV

 We have successfully opened this feature for several churches in Abuja, Lagos and Aba. We recently opened this feature for the Assemblies of God Aba North District. This feature will allow you to stream all your services online, that way, members all over the world will be able to follow your services as they unfold. 


 Church Online Payment 

 this feature will allow you receive money in all currencies all over world. With this feature, you no longer have to change your currencies using western union transfer

cjp chuch planting

 Training  Church members

We are also willing to train chosen members on all the intricacies of the media, in order to make them better disposed to handle all your media platforms. The training will be for three days minimum and 7 days Maximum all depends on there IQ level.


supervision church  members

supervision of church members will extend to one month, after which your church will take sole responsibility of the media platforms. 

Our Church Clients

The unique thing about us is that we are committed, we have references and all our services speak for themselves


By now you should be  intrested in our offer on church media planting, or you want to make more enquire feel free to fill this form now. I mean just now 

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